Broadmoor Hotel

There have been reports over the years that the Broadmoor Hotel has had some paranormal activity. The story goes that because of a fire in the hotel several years ago, some of the people that were injured during the fire haunt the location to this day. Updated information states that no one actually died during the fire so we're fairly sure that that occurrence was not the cause of the entity being there.

There are several stories of a woman haunting the main hotel building but nothing has been substantiated and we doubt that the hotel will allow investigators in as it is a very prominent 5-star hotel.

If anyone has updated information on this location, please let us know.

Posted On: July 27, 2008

Visitor Reports

The rumors are just that. Rumors. No one who works here, has ever worked here, nor has stayed here has reported anything paranormal. As much as everyone wants it to be true, I really don't think it is. It would be great if it were, and I would be the first one to get excited by some activity, but there just isn't anything. I have been in plenty of places in the Colorado Springs area that have rumors as well as evidence of paranormal activity, but the Cliff House is quiet. People come in all of the time or call trying to stay in a "haunted room" and I have to dissapoint them. The hotel does have a long history, but there is no residual energy and no hauntings of any kind. (trust me I would know)
Reported By: Front Desk Agent at the Cliff House on 2009-03-12 19:43:04
Conclusion: NOT Haunted
Three times, I've drove to the tunnels, each different and more interesting then the last. In the first tunnel me and a then girlfriend sat with the car shut off and waited five minutes, two had only passed before we saw a figure at the mouth of the tunnel behind us, after leaving in fear we found hand print on the trunk of our car. The next time we stopped in tunnel number two but left the radio on. In mid tunnel we lost signal on it. In the blur of the fussy static we heard a woman asking for help, we looked around and got out of the car but only to find no one. lastly at one in the morning on a summer night coming out of tunnel number to we saw what looked like two people hanging inside the tunnel we just drove out of, since then I haven't been back and I 've never been near the third tunnel. I won't say its haunted but its to soon for me to say....
Reported By: Daniel J Stone on 2009-10-28 17:45:16
Conclusion: Inconclusive
I worked at the Broadmoor Hotel for three years back in the early 90's. I was a electrician at the hotel and thus I have been all through the hotel. I used to do rounds every morning checking for burned out lamps in the main hotel. One early and dark morning I was standing in the Terrace Dining Room in the main hotel. I was looking out the window towards the lake when I saw a reflection of a women in a long gown pass directly behind me. I turned around to say good morning and there was nobody there. I learned from other people working at the Broadmoor that Julie Penrose haunts the hotel. She lived in the main hotel later in her life and it is rumored that she walks the hallways I never believed in ghosts til I worked at the Broadmoor and experienced one first hand.
Reported By: UCCS on 2009-10-29 15:03:40
Conclusion: Haunted
I worked for the hotel for 5 years, and during that time I heard NUMEROUS stories from Security Agents, electricians (like above) etc. about not just Julie Penrose haunting the hotel but of other spirits there too. A few of my favorite stories include: a few years ago there was an extensive renovation of the entire hotel, and each wing (main, west, and south) was closed for months at a time updating and renovating everything inside. While on patrol during the midnight shift, a security guard was in the Main building while it was shut down (meaning no guests, no employees working there) and out of nowhere the elevator started up to one of the guest floors. Thinking it very strange, the guard kept walking through the lobby, and asked aloud if anyone was there. There was no answer, and no noises, then out of nowhere he said "a fistful of bolts and nuts flew came flying at him and hit him in the chest/head" there were no people around, and he cannot explain that to this day. If it were another employee playing a joke (why would they hurt him by throwing those items), or if someone was there trying to distract him, he would have seen/heard them. Another one is about the big house directly across from The Broadmoor (in the area across from the Golden Bee) This is the old 'whore house' where Spencer Penrose would keep rooms full of prostitutes for his gentlemen guests. The men would leave their wives to join the other gentlemen at the Hotel Bar to "smoke cigars and play cards" (where their wives usually wouldn't bother them.) From there they would be taken through the tunnel that runs under the Broadmoor to the "Special House" This is a house that one electrician will never venture into again. This specific electrician never believed in ghosts, and laughed at people who said they did. One day he and one of his co-workers (who was wary to enter the haunted house) had to go set up the house for some exchange students to live in. While they were inside, the electrician thought it would be an awesome practical joke to hide in a closet (that they had to work on) and wait for his co-worker to come in and scare the life out of him! So he gets into the room, and into the closet. He's in the closet waiting... and waiting,.... all of a sudden he feels someone behind him squeeze his hips.... he turns around to find no one there!! Needless to say, he booked it from the room and found his co-worker in another part of the house. He refuses to work in there alone.
Reported By: Megan on 2010-03-11 11:15:40
Conclusion: Haunted
Pioneer Museum- I've only been living in Colorado Springs for two months. I love history and drove past the Pioneer Museum. We had an hour to kill before picking up kids from school so we turned around to check it out. Spent some time on first level then walked up stairs to second floor. Immediately to our right we marveled at the old firearms. Out of my pherifial vision I see a man wearing an old black coat walk behind my wife making his way to the stairwell. I didn't know wheter to be freaked out or fascinated. I felt privileged to have witnessed this. He appeared peaceful just going about his routine. We haven't returned to museum but will soon. Go there and maybe you'll get lucky and see this cowboy too.
Reported By: Mario on 2011-11-12 07:39:38
Conclusion: Haunted
We visited Aug 16-19th Rooom 1907. The shower would come on and go off on its own! My husband didn't believe me when he came in from a meeting. I said just wait and sure enough, it did. He went in and watched it come on full blast and then went off. He said that made my hair stan d up!
Reported By: Brenda on 2013-08-23 23:09:46
Conclusion: Haunted
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